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Glosion Dr.Mask Pack

Glosion Dr.Mask Pack
Since this mask pack is rather a thick sheet type, air contact gets temporarily blocked during application, and therefore, moisture coming from under the skin improves hydration function, at the same time, highly concentrated skin activation substances from the sheet absorbed deeply into the skin. With 2~3 applications per week will make the skin healthy and clean with soft and smooth texture.

After using these pack products, no wash is required, therefore, skin

preparation can be finished only with cream afterwards, which is the next step after essence. With this added convenience, these new-concept-pack products can be used anytime anywhere.

With cool use in summer, and warm use in winter, you can enjoy even more increased massage effects. Thicker unwoven fabric with higher quality (60g, 80g) than that of conventional mask products is used for these products.

With their richly provided essence content, you will be fully satisfied, never having to spare. You will have a full spectrum of various essence mask pack products with diversified efficacies and effects to choose.




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