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Glosion Dryer Ball

Glosion Dryer Ball
Glosion Dryer Ball
Laundry will lump together in the dryer, reducing airflow, requiring more time & energy to dry, wasting your money in the process. Our Dryer Balls are 30% larger than other dryer balls and are scientifically designed to allow more air penetration when drying clothes, saving you TIME and MONEY!
- Reduces static, ironing & creases
- Naturally softens fabrics without harmful toxic chemicals, fabric
   softeners or dryer sheets
- Hypo-allergenic with no chemical residue… a must for those with
   sensitive skin
- Reusable, just leave them in your dryer and enjoy their benefits
   time & time again
How to Use
Simply place them in the dryer with the wet clothes and dry on the cycle that is right for the type of load. No need for dryer sheets! After removing clothes, just leave the dryer balls in the dryer and they are ready for their next use.
DON`T FORGET to use our Washer Balls to clean and whiten your clothes without bleach or detergents. PLUS it is designed to work completely in cold water…saving time & money!
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dryer ball is a static, iron and wrinkle reduction dryer ball cloth, of course, without the harmful toxic chemicals to soften fabric softeners or sheets dr gonna early dryer ball not, chemicals and Hypo - allergenic ... For those with a need to For sensitive skin neunjaesayong dryer ball, just to imprison them in the dryer and enjoy the benefits of dryer ball neunsigan and time again

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