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Glosion Vitamin-C Eco Shower Head

Glosion Vitamin-C Eco Shower Head
Glosion Vitamin-C Eco Shower Head

1. Soft and Clean Shower by Stainless Steel precise watering plate

- Makes Micro Bubble which has stronger detergency but softer to
- Makes water pressure higher.

2. Removes Residual Chlorine by Vitamin-C

- Neutralizes and removers residual chlorine in the tap water
- Eco-friendly Vitamin-C
- Revolving* filter makes Vitamin-C dissolve & mix with tap water.
  *Korean Patent :20-2009-0013924

3. Safe Anion Shower by Antibacterial Ceramic Ball

- Activates metabolism when you're showering.
- Strong antibacterial* ceramic balls kill germs which remained in
   the tap water.
  * FDA test no. 09G0685, KTR test TBC-000024
Glosion Vitamin-C Eco Shower Head Principle
Recommendable Users
- The baby and the juvenescent children takes the shower every day.
- Any one who has a trouble on their skin such like atopy.
- An asthmatic person
- The person who is suffered from a dandruff and keratinization.
- The person who is for a beauty care
3 filters system
3 filters system The first step filter: Glosion Vitamin-C Filter
(Active Ingredients: Vitamin-C)

The third step filter: Antimicrobial Ceramic Ball
It kills germs and bacteria in the tap water.

The third step filter: Stainless Steel Precise Watering Plate
Relaxes your body by fine mist. Abundant Anion releases through special customized watering plate.
1. Keep vitamin-c refill powder out of reach of children.
2. During long time storage, powder color may turn into brown but it doesn’t harm or influence to quality.
3. The vitamin-c powder is edible, but we recommend you to use only in shower head.
4. Contact ophthalmologist if vitamin-c goes through the eye.
How to Refill
  • Hold a head part and turn a grip part of showerhead.
  • Take an empty filter housing(cartridge) out.
  • Open its top lid.
  • Tear vitamin-c pouch.
  • Refill the vitamin-c powder inside.
  • Turn and close top lid.
  • Reassemble and finish.
Glosion Vitamin-C Eco Shower Head
The vitamin-c powder changes into concentrated liquid when it mixes with water, so you don’t have to worry about this effect. Even though you can’t see vitamin-c powder in the filter, it doesn’t disappeared completely but converted into just liquid. Thus you may use a week more. You may refill vitamin-c powder when the water looks transparent. Its life time is about 1 month for 4 member family. (*Not always up to water usage) Don’t throw away empty vitamin-c filter cartridge, you can use it semipermanently.
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